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Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire, and Electrical Engineering Design

Interior Design Services and Space Needs Planning

Adaptive Reuse

High Performance Buildings and Energy Modeling

Site Selection and Landscape Design

Feasibility Studies, Building Envelope Consulting, and Community Development Facilitation


Higher education classrooms, activity centers and residence halls

Campus food service and dining

Campus athletics facilities

Intermodal passenger and vehicle maintenance facilities

Local government buildings such as courthouses, police and fire operations

Parks and recreation, museum exhibits, zoos and aquariums

Religious facilities

Corporate offices

Manufacturing facilities

Medical office and laboratories

  • “…professionalism, honesty, fairness and integrity. Your staff always handle themselves as professionals.”

    Laughlin-Sutton Construction
  • “Their non-adversarial approach to problem-solving is greatly appreciated…”

    Rentenbach Constructors, Inc.
  • “I appreciate the vision and the team concept which characterizes your firm.”

    City of Burlington
  • “I have consistently received technically and professionally excellent service from the firm and plan to use them on future projects.”

    AMP Incorporated
  • “MMPA has continually provided (our) companies with excellent technical and professional service.”

    Burlington Chemical Co. & Burlington Research, Inc.
  • “This technically complex job would have been impossible without your creative solutions to difficult design problems”

    Duke University