Greensboro Science Center – Greensboro, NC


Completion: 2009


LEED Silver Certified


Over the last 25 years, MMPA has designed several expansions and renovations for the Greensboro Science Center.

In 2009, MMPA partnered with aquarium specialist Cambridge Seven Associates to design the 26,000 sf SciQuarium addition showcasing animals dependent on water for their survival, with interactive learning areas between the animal habitats called SciPods. Additionally, a master plan was prepared to establish how the existing museum galleries may be renovated and upgraded. The final phase of animal Discovery was also planned, completing the Greensboro Science Center’s build-out and modernization plans. Exhibits designed and being constructed for the SciQuarium include Fishing Cats, Otters, Penguins, Amazon forest, Open Ocean Tank, and Ray and shark touch tank

SciQuarium, Master planning for repurposing the existing museum, and Phase II of Animal Discovery was designed in cooperation with C7A Architects.