MMPA recently designed the comprehensive renovation and expansion of two 1950’s dormitories on the Bridgewater campus which created a full service residential complex for over 325 students. The new complex, developed in phases, provided an updated residential living experience for students. The design included creating “communities” within the larger complex built around shared lounges/kitchens, study rooms, laundries, and bath facilities. The design also included new amenities – cafe, fitness, recreation spaces – and indoor and outdoor academic spaces, used for living/learning opportunities.

• Feasibility Study – Performed Existing Building Assessment, Residence Hall Programming, Developed Alternative Concepts,
Development of the Preferred Concepts
• Renovation and Expansion Design – Phased Renovation, New Bathrooms, New HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing Systems
• Link Connecting to Adjacent Halls – New Food Service Venue, Fitness & Recreation Rooms, Meeting Space,
Reconfigured Courtyard for Student Activities